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Heather Swonger    05.11.19  

We moved from Pittsburgh to Seattle earlier this year with 24/7. Everyone was great throughout the whole process, they are very easy to work with and we received our items in great condition, which we were really worried about with a cross country move. The only issue we had was communication with the physical movers on the delivery end, but otherwise we had a great move!

Ayanna Harris    04.26.19  

We moved from Westchester New York to Florida. The movers were very friendly and kind and neat. They were on time and worked very hard. They were very patient with all our questions and concerns. This company was wonderful and everything with well. I would definitely recommend 24/7 logistic services, LLC

Howard Pulley    04.17.19  

I hired 24/7 logistic services to do my move from NY to Florida. I was very happy with the result, from the start my rep Charles was in constant communication with me and was very responsive any time I called or emailed. Come moving day the crew was very good, I’ve done several moves before and this time I did not have the time to deal with packing. They did an excellent job packing all of my boxes and furniture I was truly impressed. When my stuff arrived everything was unloaded and put together. No damage and the guys worked hard to get everything done. I am very pleased to recommend 24/7 you guys were great! Thank you

David Perry    04.10.19  

Service was very helpful and professional. The movers were polite and took care of everything. When it was all delivered there was no damage to our items. I would recommend 24/7 logistics to anyone who is moving long distances.

Lynda Milne    04.08.19  

We moved from New Jersey to Virginia on March 30-31, 2019. Our movers were neat, courteous, and efficient. Kurt was friendly and easy to work with. The movers arrived on time and made us feel at ease. I would highly recommend 24/7 Logistic Services to any of my friends and family.

Michael Giudici    03.19.19  

These guys were great! We moved from San Francisco to Boise Id and ran into some issues with street closures/construction in SF. This put us in a tough spot as there were limited times that we could arrange the pick up. 24/7 logistics staff were professional and very accommodating. On top of that, my girlfriend and I searched up and down for the best pricing and level of service, we decided on 24/7 Logistics and are so glad we did. Our items arrived in good condition, in excellent timing, and couldn't be happier. Thank you 24/7 Logistics. I would definitely recommend them!

Mark Martin    02.05.19  

We’ve moved many times with the military as well as several corporate moves. Having started a small business, I was now more cost constrained than ever knowing I’d have to pay for the move with no reimbursements. After speaking to several companies, it was 24/7 Logistics and more specifically Charles, who made me feel at ease with my move, greatly reducing my stress.

Charles was responsive on multiple occasions (same day responses) and worked with me as we finalized our house purchase in what ended up being a nearly 3-month process. During this time, Charles continued communication with me, never changed the agreed upon price, and even provided several discounts that greatly helped as we purchased a new home.

On the day of the move the movers arrived on-time and worked tirelessly throughout the next two days. They were very courteous listening to my wife’s concerns regarding important items and went above and beyond to ensure she was comfortable with the packing and labeling of the boxes.

At our new home, the team communicated with us while in transit and arrived on time. The same care they showed at our departure location was evident at our new home. Not only were they careful with the furniture and boxes, they were genuinely concerned about ensuring the walls and such were not damaged as they moved items up/down stairs. Very conscientious and very responsible crew. They removed all the trash and boxes that were unpacked.

Highly recommend 25/7 logistics for your move. Ask for Charles…. he’s the BEST!!!!!!!

Mariana    05.21.18  

I loved this company. I am so grateful for their price they gave me and work they have done. I was very limited on my budget and i was very concerned about it when i was choosing a company to move me from Atlanta to Miami as i read so many bad reviews about other moving companies that up-charging on the actual moving day. I did not have much of the furniture and what they quoted me that is what i paid them. The guys who moved me were very friendly, polite and worked super fast. I got them pizza after they finish. They also delivered my belongings in 2 days as they promised. Thank you once again Andrew, Kosta I think and my sales representative Bill.
I will definitely recommend these guys to whoever needs to move.

Stephanie Sagala    05.15.18  

I found 24/7 logistics when searching for a moving company. We have never used one before but decided to this time moving long distance. Of course once I put my email address and phone number on a moving referral site, it started going crazy! Charles Miller sent me 1 email and called me 1 time. The rest were ridiculous! I called Charles back and he was so nice! Very informative and very helpful answering any questions I had(which was A LOT!). He was not pushy like the others I had previously spoke with, which made it even better. When I told him I needed to talk to my husband, he was happy to email me the information and even set a time to call me back that worked for me. He did not harass me, push me, continue to email me or anything else. He let me have the time I asked for and then called me at the time set. And honestly, that is the main reason I chose 24/7. Prices were pretty comparable but their customer service was by far the best!
In the couple months leading up to the move, anytime I called Charles, he would always call me back and was always helpful and never made me feel like I was annoying him (even though I am sure I was! lol) Having never used movers before, I was having some serious anxiety since so many people always want to post the negative but are not as quick to post the positive. When we first called, I was not 100% sure on what all we would be taking to be able to get an accurate price so we did a guesstimate and said that a week or 2 before the move, I would call back with a more accurate count. When I called back the week before the move, our cubic ft went up (which we knew it had) but the surprise I got was when Charles told me that because I called and told him honestly about the change, I got an even better rate than I did when I first called! I did not expect that at all but was very grateful!
The only frustration I had through out this whole process (which was mostly due to our situation and the time frame that we had) was I thought they were going to be there on the 1st day we picked but they ended up being there on our backup day and they did not communicate as much as the delivery guys on their time frame. In their defense, by this point, I was just ready for this move to be over so I did not have much patience. Once they got there and got started, they worked extremely hard and fast!! We tried to have all the boxes and everything together for them. And what took us what seemed like forever to pack and stack, they had wrapped, loaded up and strapped in, in no time flat! When he did his initial walk-through, I had a moment of almost freak out because he had to give me a "worst case scenario" and the first thing that came to my head is all the negative things I read from other companies, ("great, this is where they are going to over charge me and add hidden fees etc! great now what?!") But in the end, it was not the "worst case scenario" but what we had already figured out the week before.
Next was delivery. I was getting worried about time because I knew within 4 days of us getting to MI, my husband would be leaving town for work and I was worried our stuff wouldn't be there in time. But after making sure they knew that, they said they would do their best and they did! Arturo and Andrew were absolutely AMAZING!!! They communicated via text and phone calls the day before and delivery day every 100 miles! They were here in the time frame they gave and even though it was a little rainy and cold, worked like well oiled machines!! They had amazing personalities, moved everything to the desired rooms and even corrected me when i almost sent something to the wrong room! That shows how much they were paying attention! I can't say enough good things about Arturo and Andrew!!! Although I have no intention of ever moving again, lol, if I did, I would definitely use 24/7 for our move and I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for movers!! Thank you 24/7 logistics for making our move from FL to MI quick and painless! I am forever grateful! You guys are THE BEST! Definitely worth every penny!!

William Davidson    05.01.18  

I hired 24/7 logistic services to move my house from plantation FL to Boston MA I would like to thank them for a great experience I received several estimates from different companies most of which really tried to pressure me to book them. My rep Charles was great and he stood out from the rest he really took the time to make sure we covered all the pieces going for the move and he also made sure if there were additional packing for my frajile pieces that I was covered. He really made sure the estimate was as close as possible to the actual cost. I was called 2 weeks before to see if there were any changes to my inventory and we updated the box count to match what the count was. The guys showed up early these guys were great very professional and the got right to work. They were very careful and they worked straight through. Delivery was quick my stuff got to Mass in 4 days. When my items arrived the guys set everything back up for me. Everything was packed so well my items all arrived. I was very impressed with the communication through out the process. I thought my price was more than fair. I would definitely recommend them.

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